Documents Required When Applying For a Tourist Canada Visa Online

To get entry into Canada, a tourist requires a valid entry document, like a Canada Visa. To make your job of obtaining a Canada Visa simple, let’s go about obtaining a tourist Visa Canada.

The requirements for a Canada Visa for a tourist includes: canada pr process

An individual need to possess a valid passport
He/she should provide a medical certificate that proves they are in good health.
The visa applicant needs to attend the interview with an immigration officer and inform him/her that you have relationships/associations in India like a job, family, financial assets, etc. because of which you will return. In simple terms, explain the purpose of your visit, and your current status in your existing country
Possess sufficient funds for the duration of your stay
An individual should also undergo a medical exam
Obtain a letter of invitation from a friend or relative residing
Documents Required for Obtaining a Canada Visa for tourists:

If you are applying for a tourist Visa Canada via an online travel agency, below are some of the documents required to obtain the Visa

Main Canada Visa Application Form
Other basic supporting documents such as:
A Family Details Form

A VFS Consent Form

A Valid Passport
You may also be required to provide your old passports along with your new passport for a Canada Visa. When providing your passport requirements, you should keep in mind the following parameters:

The Embassy won’t accept passports that have been issued beyond ten years
Indian passports with any ‘observations’ will not be accepted
Every passport should have a minimum of 2 blank pages and should be valid for six months from the date of travelling
For a Canada Visa, you will be required to provide four recent photographs. Each online travel portal might have different requirements when it comes to the pictures. Thus, it essential to read through the essential points given by them. The photograph provided should not be more than three months old, scanned, stapled, and should not be used in any of the previous visas.

Additional Required Documents for a Canada Visa for tourists include
Day wise Itinerary

Hotel Confirmations

Airline booking confirmation or Ticket copy

Also, documents required for working visa Canada or a tourist visa Canada may differ. Hence, when you apply for a Canada Visa from any of these types, it is essential that you read about the basic documents required, to prevent any issue during submission.

Many online travel agencies that offer Canada Visas help you through every step of the application process. Right from providing you with the Canada Visa Online form to assisting you with the documents required for tourist Visas Canada. Plus, the Canada Visa Fees may also depend from agency to agency as well as private agents. While some agents may charge extra, many online travel agencies offer good deals on Canada Visa fees.

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